Photograph is a Story – Day 1 (Theme – Peace)

Every living being on this earth teaches something new to all of us just like a photograph. Again presenting 10 optimal captured images as a part of celebrations of 178th World Photography Day.
Image 1 – A Flower and a Bee
A small insect with stinging wings helps to produce wax and honey which is used in our day to day life. These insects live in a large community which reflects the unity and is a symbol of strong relationship. On the other hand, the flower shows the peaceful nature of giving happiness to all. A big lesson from small living beings.
Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/320
Av 5.6
ISO 400
208.0 mm

Photograph is a Story – Day 4 (Theme – Today’s Social Scientists and Current India)

Image 4 – Long-Haul of a Mother
She travels 8 – 10 Kms every day and conscientiously carries heavy load so that she can earn some money and can feed her child. On the other side of the picture, we students’ of TISS – a young generation of upcoming Social Scientists marching towards the destiny. A social scientist is a person who studies the nature of human behavior and what behavior we learned from that mother?
I don’t know whether anyone of us had tried to study the behavior of such mothers who struggles every day to live, who work incessantly to make the future of their children better than today. She knows the language of love for her child and family and not the language of social scientists who predicts the future behavior of a person.
We left the place and forgot to predict the future of that mother.. or we forgot to work for the future of our mothers???

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/125
Av 5.0
ISO 100
74.0 mm

When I Met Mothers………


Life is very vast and it imparts us the power of learning life and to observe the changing nature of it. Views on life differ from individual to individual. Hitherto in my life I have observed and met some outstanding personalities who taught me how to live and how to remain happy even though you are in trouble and encouraged me to attain success even in adversaries. Here is the account of all those mothers who sacrificed their everything…….

1. During my first stint in Mumbai with my friends in 2009, we all  went to Marine Drive of which we had come to know through newspapers and television. It was around 7:30 PM we were enjoying and laughing and everyone was happy there. Suddenly I noticed a beautiful girl aged about 7-8 years approached me and asked, holding out a bunch of rose, if I would like to purchase it? I said ‘no’ to her with smile. Probably my smile encouraged her and she persisted with her request, until my friends intervene saying ‘go beta we don’t want any flower’. She left the place quietly, without displaying sign of despair and she approached others around hoping to get buyers. She got nothing and moved away. After 3-4 hrs when we were returning back I saw the same girl along with her younger brother being fed by her mother sitting on the pavement. There was a sweet display of satisfaction on the mother’s face. They were talking happily and were laughing. what makes her laugh after getting disappointment from people sitting on Marine Drive like me? Of course Her Mother….

2. During my first fieldwork in Raigad District I met a 5th std boy who came back from his school to his home which was made up of Mud and her mother was working on a field of a landlord as a daily wage laborer. “What is your daily income”? I inquired. Rs. 50-60 she replied quietly. She was promised Rs. 80 by the landlord but didn’t pay her this much. All her family members often have to starve themselves to feed the children. I wondered what made that lady satisfied in meager income of Rs. 56-60 that too on alternate days. It was their lunch time and the lady was feeding her two children ‘Bhakari’. She was eating nothing as they had only one ‘Bhakari’ which was made last night. It is worth mentioning here, despite days labor and hunger that lady was very happy and content because she was feeding her children.

3. In TISS I met one student who is pursuing masters in Social work but he is handicapped right from the birth. Even though he is disable, he is a very good singer. One fine day I asked him about his singing he replied very Mother encouraged me…she always motivates me..his mother is the source of his energy.

4. In 2014 a heavy landslide is reported in Malin village of Ambegaon Taluka of Pune District. 154 villagers lost their lives in that landslide. There I met one lady who lost her family members in landslide and I interacted with her only for 15 mins. I stayed there for 2 weeks. I met that lady again in the Annual fair of the village. It was a second time we were meeting. She recognized me at once and gave me blessing. Tears were rolling down her cheeks when she said my son was of your age who died in the landslide. This is the love of mother who do not differentiate between her own child and the other.

5. I saw a lady begging beside the road near my school. People used to say that she is mad. Everyday I saw her before and after my school sitting with a dog. She used to share her food with the dog. That lady used to feed the dog like mother to her children.

6. In my life I met a man who lost his father when he was just 3 years old and he left his home with her mother and sister and came to Nagpur from Amravati in 1931 by walking around 150 KM’s. It was his mother who took all the risks for his and his sister’s survival as their native place lacked the means of livelihood and they had to migrate. This is what mother can do….

7. I met three brothers who also lost their father in early age and their mother worked on a construction site and other work to educated them. For her, education was the only means to make her children’s lives worth living. Here is the farsighted of the mother and her efforts bore fruits.

Like that I met one women..who struggled to meet both the ends of her maternal family. Later she sacrificed all the good opportunities that came to her for the betterment of her children. One her children was suffering from brain tumor and she had to go through many ordeals to save her child. Despite these agonizing moments she brought up her child. This and other sacrifices mention above can be expected from none other than mothers. It is motherly love which expects nothing in return…

Hence, Swami Vivekananda has aptly said “God cannot be everywhere that’s why he created mother…”

Like mother’s love which is all pervasive we don’t need occasions like ‘Mother’s Day’ to salute Mothers. The respect for Mothers should be there throughout everyone’s life….

Happy Mother’s Day…!!!

PM Narendra Modi’s Speech on Buddha Poornima

Today on the occasion of Buddha Poornima our PM Mr. Narendra Modi gave a well prepared and meticulously planned “Remark”..
But he failed to make out the truth..
According to Mr. PM –
1. भगवान बुद्ध के जीवन के अंतकाल में कोई व्‍यक्ति अज्ञानवश उनके कान के अंदर कीलें ठोक देता है तब भी.. स्‍वयं वेदना से पीड़त थे, शरीर कराह रहा था…….
2. भगवान बुद्ध ने कहा है- ‘‘इस लोक में जितनी स्त्रियां हैं, वे अगले जन्म में पुरुष बनेंगी, जिनको आज नीच जन्म वाला माना जाता है, वो अगले जन्म में उच्च जन्म-धारण करेंगे’’ और आगे बड़ा महत्वपूर्ण कहते हैं, ‘‘ये सब होने के बाद भी वे कभी अभिमान को प्राप्त न करेंगे।’’ (Source : Press Information Bureau, Government of India).
First of all Mr. PM please upgrade and update your knowledge before making such sensitive statements. I honestly request you not to spread such falsehood to gain popularity among masses. Our community has delve deeply into the cause that led to death of Lord Buddha. Following is the cause that led to Gautama Buddha’s death. Kindly compare this with your knowledge.
Gautama Buddha died Natural Death and not because someone hitting a nail on his ear. (Sources : Buddha and His Dhamma, Buddhacharitra). Also, Gautama Buddha never believed in “Rebirth” and Buddhism never follows caste structure and he was strongly against the rebirth phenomenon which is all pervasive in Hinduism. (Sources : Riddles in Hinduism, The Riddle of Women)
It is highly unbecoming the person occupying highest position of the country has shaped his knowledge on lines of RSS.
It won’t affect the image of Gautama Buddha in world’s mind but you will be despised worldwide for having incomplete knowledge of the country you are leading.
Anyways Happy Buddha Poornima to All…

Silent Game of Discrimination and Communalism – An Essay on Communalism in India


Communalism is one of the internal elements which are acting against the democratic structure of Indian nation. To address such issue which is deeply related to the gender, religion, and caste and class hierarchy we need to focus on the historical perspective along with the real situation from the Modern Era of India. This essay deals with the basic understanding of communalism in an Indian context and to do that I have taken an example of the communalism within Indian society in the name of caste. Further, this article speaks about the views of various authors and researchers including social scientist, anthropologists and political representative with the views of Indian National Leader. Apart from the communalism within Hindu and Muslim religion, this topic focuses on communal atrocities against the Dalit community in India. Later it explains the causes and the consequences with the help of different classification of communalism. Indian Constitution plays an important role in the formation of a democratic structure of Indian society. Communalism is the enemy of this democratic structure which can be influenced by creating violence and spreading it in the Indian states. This topic throws light on the past experience of India relating to the communalism and compares it with the current scenario of communalism in India. At the same time, it shows the association on communal parties with communal clashes between different communal groups. The need of such different kind of focus on communalism in Dalit context shows the unconsciousness with the lack of enlightenment about the discrimination against Dalit people in the Hindu Caste Hierarchy. Later it relates the myths about the Dalit communalism with some real experiences of caste discrimination which is an account of communalism. Also, the current scenario of Dalit movement and Hinduisation of that movement by some political and community groups have been considered in this essay. For an instance, this topic of communalism not only speaks about the underlying problems between the Hindu and Muslims, but also deals with how communalisms has been experienced and tackle by the Dalit and other backward communities and how the communalism is practiced and folded into the political structure with the help of religious flavor. Since communalism is not concentrated up to two groups or religion (Hindu & Muslim); actually it’s a very vast concept having a broad framework of discrimination which is deeply rooted in the Indian Hindu culture as a part of livelihood and means of survival. On the other hand, it’s a curse for other part of the population which suffers a lot due to the internal, hideous and concealed mentality. This is the salient feature of this article of communalism.

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