The Photograph is a Story – Day 1

Happy World Photography Day.
Nature is alluring and the best example to explore this fact is Northeast India i.e. Land of The Seven Sisters. The place is full of incredible things and unique spectacular landscape and culture. Presenting a few of them in this series as a part of World Photography Day.

Image 1 – A Floating Park
The largest freshwater lake in Northeast India and it is the world’s only Floating National Park with circular floating swamps called as ‘phumdis’. Rich in biodiversity, ecology, flora and fauna. It’s really amazing to see the land with houses floating on water which needs to be preserved to mitigate the serious environmental concerns.
Location: National Floating Park, Bishnupur, Manipur.


Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/1000
Av 13
ISO 400
20.0 mm

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