A photograph is a Story – Last Day (Theme – Robustness)

Image 13 – A Woman
She is a Woman. She is a mother, daughter, wife and sister but first of all, she is a person who is strong, smart, crafty, passionate, courageous, generous. She is action, emotion, devotion. She has hope, beauty, power and knowledge. She gives us life, she gives us respect, love, gratitude, she believes in us. She will nurture us, fight for us and she deserves nothing less from us. She is a Woman.
Location: Uttarkashi

Specifications –
EOS 1200D
Tv 1/160
Av 5.6
ISO 100
79.0 mm

A photograph is a Story – Day 12 (Theme- Brotherhood)

Image 12 – Tiger-Tiger
What of the hunting, hunter bold?
Brother, the watch was long and cold.
What of the quarry did you go to kill?
Brother, the crops in the jungle still.
Where is the power that made you pride?
Brother, it ebbs from my flank and side.
-Rudyard Kipling
Location: Thailand
Specifications –
EOS 1200D
Tv 1/320
Av 10
ISO 800
109.0 mm

A photograph is a Story – Day 11 (Theme- Cognition)

Image 11 – Past Ambage
दिन ढल गये, कई मौसम बदल गये..
ऊम्र ढल गयी और कई अरमान अधुरे रह गये…
जबभी पिछे पलट कर देखता हुं, एक गुजरा हुआ वक्त याद करता हुं…
अब मैं उन सभी यादों को समेटना चाहता हुं…
क्या पता कल फ़िरसे किसी का दामन छोड चलेगी ये जिंदगी..
या किसी को सवांरने चलेगी ये जिंदगी..
Location: Uttarkashi

Specifications –
EOS 1200D
Tv 1/12
Av 4.3
ISO 800
116.0 mm

A photograph is a Story – Day 9 (Hamadryad)

Image 9 – King Cobra
The World’s Longest Venomous snake also called as Hamadryad means a nymph who lives in a tree and dies when the tree dies. This species of snake is normally peaceful and avoids interaction with other habitats. But becomes highly aggressive if someone tries to mess with their habitat. A perfect example of loyalty and aggressiveness.
Location: Pune

Specifications –
EOS 1200D
Tv 1/25
Av 5.6
ISO 800
187.0 mm

A photograph is a Story – Day 8 (Transformation of Life)

Image 8 – धम्मचक्र प्रर्वतन दिन
62 Years of Transformation gave an identity as a human being by fighting many battles like Mahad and this struggle magnified with the teaching of liberty, equality and fraternity.
“The teachings of Buddha are eternal, but even then Buddha did not proclaim them to be infallible” – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Location: Mahad, Chavdar Lake

Specifications –
5800 Xpres
Tv 1/1000
Av 2.8
ISO 64
25.0 mm

A photograph is a Story – Day 7 (Theme – Life)

Image 7 – Life of Two Wheeler
A day to day activity of a family, a struggle to live the life fullest, a struggle of the common man, sometimes becoming very protective and sometimes by taking many risks…
कालयो कूद पड्यो मेले में
साईकल पंक्चर कर ल्यायो…II
पधारो म्हारे देस…
Location: Somewhere in Rajasthan

Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/500
Av 13
ISO 400
74.0 mm

A photograph is a Story – Day 6 (Theme – A Shy Bird)

Image 6 – Kingfisher
While trekking in Lonavala I found a colourful bird hiding behind the tree. I quickly rushed towards and started taking snaps from a long distance. This little charming bird was very shying and I was amused by seeing the beauty of expression. After so many requests this “cartoon network” gave me permission to click the picture.
Location: Lonavala

Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/320
Av 5.6
ISO 800
250.0 mm

A photograph is a Story – Day 5 (Theme – A symbol of Education)

Image 5 – माझी शाळा / My School
डोंगरावर वसलेली, झाडा-फ़ुलांनी सजलेली
बसायला जमिन आणि खेळायला शेत…
कवेलुचं छत आणि भिंतीला शेणाचा लेप…
स्वच्छ हवा देते जगण्याचं बळ…
आणि ही माती देते शिक्षनाचं बळ…
शोधुनही मिळणार नाही अशी सुंदर शाळा…
माझी शाळा

Located on a hill, surrounded by trees and flowers…
A floor to sit and a farm to play…
Roof made up of mud and wall coated with cow dung…
Fresh Air gives the power to live…
And this soil gives the power of education…
It is difficult to find such a beautiful school…
This is my School…

Location: Kalewadi Village, Western Ghats

Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/1250
Av 7.1
ISO 200
53.0 mm