Photograph is a Story – Day 20 (Theme – Eagerness)

Image 20 – Tiger – The Billa
The most popular pet of TISS.
Every day, many students bring food for Tiger. Someday, if someone missed it, then Tiger starts screaming and knock the doors and with the innocent face he asks for food. If somebody gave him the food, then he eats peacefully and if we ignored him, then he remains calm and leaves the place without showing any disgruntled sign. While eating food if any other cat or dog from TISS arrives, then Tiger leaves the food and run away because he fears from them.
Rat is the favourite food of a cat but, Tiger goes close to rat and observes the fear on the face of a rat and leaves without hurting the rat. Tiger is the first cat I have seen in my life who do not eat rats.
Many times Tiger fall asleep on beds of students living in Hostel No. 2 and if we tried to wake him up, then he will never give any response like an Avatar of Kumbhakarna.
Tiger is a part of TISS, an Identity of Dharavi (Hostel No. 2), never say anything except Meow – Meow, never asks for any favour, never disturb anyone, but still makes people happy without any expectations and without any demand.

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/125
Av 5.0
ISO 320
96.0 mm

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