Photograph is a Story – Day 4 (Theme – Today’s Social Scientists and Current India)

Image 4 – Long-Haul of a Mother
She travels 8 – 10 Kms every day and conscientiously carries heavy load so that she can earn some money and can feed her child. On the other side of the picture, we students’ of TISS – a young generation of upcoming Social Scientists marching towards the destiny. A social scientist is a person who studies the nature of human behavior and what behavior we learned from that mother?
I don’t know whether anyone of us had tried to study the behavior of such mothers who struggles every day to live, who work incessantly to make the future of their children better than today. She knows the language of love for her child and family and not the language of social scientists who predicts the future behavior of a person.
We left the place and forgot to predict the future of that mother.. or we forgot to work for the future of our mothers???

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/125
Av 5.0
ISO 100
74.0 mm

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