Photograph is a Story – Day 2 (Theme – Connecting Lives)

Image 2 – Check Dam connecting lives
Malin village a landslide affected area surrounded by Sahyadri Mountain range. Panchale Khurd and Panchale Budruk both villages are situated on southern western part of Maline village. Bubra river flows between these two villages and there is no connectivity or any means of transportation available in Panchale Budruk village which is situated on top of the hill and its an only village on the other side of the river.
Many years ago a check dam construction project was initiated but unfortunately the worked stopped in an incomplete way. Hence the check dam which was half built becomes a bridge for the villagers because it is the only thing which connects Panchale Budruk to the other villages.
The village is highly vulnerable to the landslide. From 2001 villagers are demanding for rehabilitation but still they are not permanently rehabilitated. The majority of the villagers are still living in that area and the village doesn’t have electricity too.
This image reflects the anguished state of a villager. He is crossing that check dam which gets dipped into the river water during rainy season and the village gets disconnected. He may or may not get a second chance to see his family members living on the other side of the river for next four month and during that period if any landslide happens then nobody will get any information about it.
Reality of an inaccessible rural villages.

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/400
Av 7.1
ISO 160
250.0 mm

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