Photograph is a Story – Day 11 (Theme – Childhood)

Image 11 – Genesis of Wisdom
Both sisters are living near a construction site and their parents are daily wage labourers at the stone crusher. Basically, they are migrants and they relocate themselves according to the season.
Many child labourers are still engaged in stone crusher industries.
Here, in this case, both girls are not yet indulged in this work and their parents are very hopeful that they will get settled down in one place so that their daughters can fetch good education.
Might be both were talking about the work of their parents, their struggle, their love and care for them.
Somebody has wisely said that the child is a gift from the heaven and that gift should be nurtured with care and affection, both within the family and society. Particularly in the poverty-afflicted sections of the society due to socioeconomic and cultural problems, unfortunately, the code of child centeredness was replaced by neglect, abuse, and deprivation.
It’s actually a complex problem, basically rooted in poverty.

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/800
Av 9.0
ISO 250
109.0 mm


Photograph is a Story – Day 10 (Theme – Bridge of Hope)

Image – 10 Mumbai – Pune Express Way
It was raining very heavily. The whole area got covered by fog and visibility got decreased. Hence, Waited for more than an hour to capture this image.
Every day this highway handles more than 47,000 PCE.
It is surrounded by the beautiful Sahyadri ranges of Western Ghats.
Gives hope to reach on time at our destination.
Gives hope to survive in bad weather conditions and landslide prone areas.
And sometimes it seems that the magnificent green valley serenely smiling and encouraging us to make our life happy and beautiful just like nature.

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/640
Av 4.0
ISO 100
55.0 mm

Photograph is a Story – Day 9 (Theme – Wonderland cum Teacher)

Image – 9 Marine Drive
The best place in Mumbai… to enjoy, to laugh, to cry, to write and to learn…
I often visit this place.. and all memories gets alive…
Actually, this place teaches us an important lesson of life…
“Keep your heart mighty like a sea…
Drain out the problems of others without expecting any reward..
And if somebody gets hurt because of our fallacy..
Then through a credence humble apology, a relation can be saved..”

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/10
Av 4.5
ISO 1600
55.0 mm

Photograph is a Story – Day 7 (Theme – Happiness)

Image 7 – Endowment of a Sea
Life…made up of some sad and happy moments…
Every small moment brings happiness in life…
I don’t know the guy in this picture… I never met him…I just tried to capture the happiness which is reflecting from his face…
Its gives a new energy..its gives the power to demolish the sadness…

Life is a Proud, Just Make it Loud…
Life is a crying for a while,
and then walking with someone for a while…
Life has a simple meaning and a source to emanate,
And there is nothing which can make you dominant…

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/400
Av 7.1
ISO 200
250.0 mm

Photograph is a Story – Day 6 (Theme – Whirligig)

Image 6 – Living for a Pride
Spins like a windmill…
Like a life’s wheel…
Sway on the beats of wind…
Without making dinned…
On a seashore with a softness of a sand…
And we miss our childhood with our homeland…

She works for a pride.
Many slum dealers forced her to work as a beggar.
She left that place with her daughter and son and living a satisfactory life by selling Whirligigs…
Difficulties are there…but inspirations are everywhere….

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/400
Av 5.0
ISO 400
100.0 mm

Photograph is a Story – Day 5 (Theme – Railway Station)

Image 5 – Contemplative Inventiveness
Trains constitute India’s biggest transportation network. It connects lives and it helps us to reach our destiny or fate.
She sells fruits at the Manmad railway station. She lives with her grandson and he is the only family member in her life. She has a faith on her grandson that he will write his own fate and will study hard to live a respectable life.
Might be she is waiting for a transformative train. She believes that one day the train will arrive at the station and bring her along with her family to their destination of bright future.

Image Specifications –
EOS 1200 D
Tv 1/1000
Av 5.6
ISO 500
55.0 mm