PM Narendra Modi’s Speech on Buddha Poornima

Today on the occasion of Buddha Poornima our PM Mr. Narendra Modi gave a well prepared and meticulously planned “Remark”..
But he failed to make out the truth..
According to Mr. PM –
1. भगवान बुद्ध के जीवन के अंतकाल में कोई व्‍यक्ति अज्ञानवश उनके कान के अंदर कीलें ठोक देता है तब भी.. स्‍वयं वेदना से पीड़त थे, शरीर कराह रहा था…….
2. भगवान बुद्ध ने कहा है- ‘‘इस लोक में जितनी स्त्रियां हैं, वे अगले जन्म में पुरुष बनेंगी, जिनको आज नीच जन्म वाला माना जाता है, वो अगले जन्म में उच्च जन्म-धारण करेंगे’’ और आगे बड़ा महत्वपूर्ण कहते हैं, ‘‘ये सब होने के बाद भी वे कभी अभिमान को प्राप्त न करेंगे।’’ (Source : Press Information Bureau, Government of India).
First of all Mr. PM please upgrade and update your knowledge before making such sensitive statements. I honestly request you not to spread such falsehood to gain popularity among masses. Our community has delve deeply into the cause that led to death of Lord Buddha. Following is the cause that led to Gautama Buddha’s death. Kindly compare this with your knowledge.
Gautama Buddha died Natural Death and not because someone hitting a nail on his ear. (Sources : Buddha and His Dhamma, Buddhacharitra). Also, Gautama Buddha never believed in “Rebirth” and Buddhism never follows caste structure and he was strongly against the rebirth phenomenon which is all pervasive in Hinduism. (Sources : Riddles in Hinduism, The Riddle of Women)
It is highly unbecoming the person occupying highest position of the country has shaped his knowledge on lines of RSS.
It won’t affect the image of Gautama Buddha in world’s mind but you will be despised worldwide for having incomplete knowledge of the country you are leading.
Anyways Happy Buddha Poornima to All…

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